Near death experience from a bunny’s perspective

Liska the bunny chaser
Liska the bunny chaser

So yesterday evening at around 7:00 PM I’m letting our two Chinese Crested dogs outside to do their business. I call to them, they come running then bolt out to the fenced backyard and I close the sliding door behind them. After about a minute, there’s no “let me in!” scratching at the glass which typically occurs. One minute might not seem like enough time, but when most of your body is void of hair, with the exception of the tiny amount on your head, neck and feet, you get things done quickly. This time though; no doggies waiting to get inside from the cold. I open the door and immediately observed a high speed chase between Madison, Liska and a rabbit. The rabbit was considerably faster, but was only doing loops in the fenced area; so round and round they go.

Enough about what I seen, here’s the bunny’s recollection of the events that transpired.

So I’m walking up from Cold Creek on my way to my favorite spot. It’s a trek me and my family make often, but crossing County Rd. 5 still gives me an uneasy feeling after witnessing my brother being hit by a car in the fall. The motorist came out of nowhere and my brother, being in full stride, had no time to react; the S.O.B in the car didn’t even stop… You may be asking yourself, why did the rabbit cross the road and I would tell you that carrot shavings make you do crazy things.

This was my goal for this evening; cruise over to my favorite spot on the north side of County Rd. 5 for the left over carrot shavings they toss outside; delicious. Made it across the road without incident and my only thought now is that I hope they juiced lots of carrots today because I’m one hungry bunny. The perimeter chain-link fence surrounding their backyard is perfect protection from coyotes while I peacefully enjoy my dinner. A mild winter, physical security and good food; does life get any better than this? Wow, they must have been full-on juicing today because I ate way too much carrot and am stuffed; it was time to make my way under the deck and chill for a bit.

This is where things get crazy. All of a sudden, I sense a disturbance in the force and out of nowhere, two mostly bald dogs have me cornered. A momentary standoff, you could cut the tension with a knife and it was clear that I would need all four of my lucky rabbit feet to get out of this predicament . The fence that normally protects me, now confined me. There was only one compromised area of the fence that I came and went from and it was a tight squeeze; it would take approximately two seconds to get through and they would surely be on me like white on rice if I tried. Just then all hell broke loose. No time to think, just RUN! Luckily I am considerably faster than them, but how long could I possibly keep this up!? As I raced around the yard, loop after loop I began to question whether I’d get out of this in one piece and in those moments, wondered if I would be reunited with my brother soon. I glance back, and I see a long flowing black head of hair in relentless pursuit; it was like being chased by a really sexy black haired female Fabio; awkward I know… Seems like 100 laps now, I’m zigging, I’m zagging, I’m tired, it’s not looking good. I even pass by my exit point a few times, but cannot slow down and take the time needed to get through unscathed. Amidst the chaos, I hear a human yelling, “LISKA, MADISON, GET IN HERE! COME! GET INSIDE!” over and over again till finally the aggressors cease their pursuit unwillingly.

Then, just like it was before it began, silence and peace and I lived to tell the tale. Needless to say, I’ve taken precautionary measures to ensure I don’t wind up in this situation again. The food is too good to pass up and the risk is acceptable given the fact that I now have two exit strategies that can be negotiated at high speed. My brother would have been proud, may he rest in peace.

– Geary LeBell

Veiled gifts

You have a gift.

It’s wrapped in fear of judgement, unworthiness and the unknown.

The trick to opening it lies in moving beyond thinking you do or don’t.

Not forcing, denying or questioning its being or non-being,

To simply travel in the direction of inward openness, acceptance and compassion.

Much to your surprise, it will reveal itself as something that has always been with you.

The gift is with you now and is veiled by your fear.

– Geary LeBell

Transcending the divide

Happiness is the realization that happiness is the positive pole to the negative pole of sadness; they are inseparable.

This & that, up & down, black & white, on & off, something & nothing, male & female, love & hate, life & death, being & non being… and so it is with ego & true-self. One can not exist without the other to define it; they are the crest & trough to a wave; two “parts” of a whole. It’s obvious then that a balance (The Middle Way) is needed to develop harmony within.

We get all caught up in opposites as if they were mortal enemies, when in fact, they are two sides of the same coin. I know, I don’t know. Am I right, wrong, both or neither? It’s the mere existence of the question that leads us to separation; the identification with yes or no.

Enlightenment then is not pure bliss in our ego driven sense of the word, but rather, the realization of false separation and our capacity to transcend that feeling of one or the other; to see all the parts as a whole; a single process.

-Geary LeBell

A short list of a few things that irk me on Instagram

Get more followers

If you’re on Instagram, I’m sure you been exposed to the comments, being tagged and photos being liked by so-called people (bots?) claiming to increase your number of followers. I’m opposed to this unnatural method for gaining followers. They all seem gimmicky, spammy and I make an extra effort to delete comments from photos and usually block the offending party.

The beautiful ladies phishing.

Yeah, that’s phishing, not fishing. Usually initiated by a comment, like or follow. These FAKE accounts only contain 9ish photographs of beautiful ladies and a link in the profile that will transport you to a website. What the website contains is unknown to me because I’ve honestly have never clicked the link, but I can guarantee you it’s an attempt to compromise you, your account or device. Maybe it’s simply a porn site, but that is of no interest to me and has no place on Instagram.

The follower who unfollows you after following them.

You can usually tell this person if you look at their followers to following ratio. For example, they will have 3500 followers, but only be following 500; big red flag. I will usually follow this person if I like their photographs, but expect to be unfollowed within a day or two. They’re hoping that you don’t track unfollowers and don’t notice that they’ve unfollowed you. Heads up, I do track unfollowers and return the favor every time; I consider it deceptive practice.

The inability to switch between accounts

Running more than one account on Instagram is a royal pain in the butt. You need to physically log out and login with the other account. In the process, all your connections to other social networks are disconnected and access to the convenient list of hash tags that you previously used vanish when creating a new post. Instagram should take a lesson from the native Twitter app that comes with the iPhone IOS which allows you to switch between accounts on the fly.

The connection to Flickr is super flakey

Whenever I post to Instagram, it is shared out to Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and in a perfect world…. Flickr. In the past, the sharing of my posts to Flickr worked intermittently, but as of late, none of my photographs have been showing up on Flickr for the past month or more. I’ve tried deleting the connection from flickr, re-establishing the connection in Instagram, restarting the app, restarting the phone, yelling at my phone and even meditating; currently, it just doesn’t work… ;)

All this being said, I love Instagram and enjoy the photographs of the people I follow.

It is currently the central hub that all my photographs spring from.

@GearyLeBell & @picAwe


Frankford Christmas Fantasy of Lights 2015

Took the SLR out tonight and captured a few images at the Frankford Tourist Park Christmas Fantasy of Lights. Enjoy! :)

In Memory / Tribute of the special people in our lives.
In Memory / Tribute of the special people in our lives.
Fantasy of Lights across the Trent River
Fantasy of Lights across the Trent River.
Stars on the Pavilion.
Stars on the Pavilion.
Horse and carriage.
Horse and carriage.


On the brink of change
You tell yourself everyday
As if it was a switch
That could be flicked

Strange we don’t see the change that is thee

It’s happening right now
A continuous transformation
Of body and mind
Don’t be so blind

Roaming a path toward home; wrath; or somewhere in between

Open your eyes
See the truth
We are the switch
That’s always flicked

The direction taken requires inspection for heaven’s sake

Change is an illusion
Step outside your-self
You already know the answer
Stop fighting and be the dancer

– Geary LeBell


A past that’s dark
Tomorrow’s a fight
we’ve missed the mark
but what is right?

A corruption of thought
Refined to expect
Manifesting what’s taught
It’s what we project

What is the I
That afflicts us all
A damaging cry
The path to our fall

The search for grace
A continuous spin
Can’t find that place
It’s already within

Tied to the things
Words and thoughts
They all seem to sing
Listen to Watts

It’s game to play
And falls away you see
Immerse in grey
There is no key

This poem is spent
Do not get stuck
The words are cement
I bid you good luck

– Geary LeBell