On the brink of change
You tell yourself everyday
As if it was a switch
That could be flicked

Strange we don’t see the change that is thee

It’s happening right now
A continuous transformation
Of body and mind
Don’t be so blind

Roaming a path toward home; wrath; or somewhere in between

Open your eyes
See the truth
We are the switch
That’s always flicked

The direction taken requires inspection for heaven’s sake

Change is an illusion
Step outside your-self
You already know the answer
Stop fighting and be the dancer

– Geary LeBell


A past that’s dark
Tomorrow’s a fight
we’ve missed the mark
but what is right?

A corruption of thought
Refined to expect
Manifesting what’s taught
It’s what we project

What is the I
That afflicts us all
A damaging cry
The path to our fall

The search for grace
A continuous spin
Can’t find that place
It’s already within

Tied to the things
Words and thoughts
They all seem to sing
Listen to Watts

It’s game to play
And falls away you see
Immerse in grey
There is no key

This poem is spent
Do not get stuck
The words are cement
I bid you good luck

– Geary LeBell

Beating silence out of a drum

All we have is our conscious experience.
We are not our past or future.
We are right now, this present moment,
which is entirely within our ability to experience fully.
Fully experiencing means different things to different people and
we live as if outcomes were the source.
Our experiences, thoughts and emotions are
heavily influence by outcomes, both good and bad.
They are the outer shell of the story we live by, but
they’re illusions, constructs of the mind, bi-products of the ego.
We are all connected; part of a whole, but
this unknowable is of no consequence except to realize
that our existence here and now is everything.
The search for peace, love, connectedness is futile,
because we are already with it, and
It’s the self-erected barriers that prevent us from seeing it.
Like trying to beat silence out of a drum.
Words and thoughts are paradoxical and subjective.
Useful to the extent that they can expand perspective to realize
that attachment is not the way, and
letting go is the answer.
Life will go on , we will grow older, but
with a realization that we are complete and life is what is.
Let you be you and other be other.
The personal and societal tension we all face are
the outer layers of an onion;
waves on the surface of the ocean.
Go deeper and dissolve the illusionary barriers to realize something else.
Have trust in the unknown which is yourself.
Have Faith.

-Geary LeBell

Failure is an option

Let me explain perspective from my perspective and how it is not a question of right or wrong, but how you align.

For example, the Breaking Benjamin’s song Failure.

For shits and giggles, I’ll suggest a simulated perspective of a person, who, in general, doesn’t enjoy this style of music. Maybe they don’t like heavy music, maybe their interpretation of the words are simply different for whatever reason. They possibly see the words as promoting anger, depression, negativity, darkness and dare I say suicide?

For me though, this song communicates a positive message for living in the present moment.

It exposes the reality of our thoughts and how they relate to our conscious experience.

Let me break down part of the song for you…

“The world will die alone”
– Everything cycles. Everything has its polar. Black / white, up / down, love / hate, open / close, light / dark, existence / non-existence. We simply cannot have one without the other.

“The frail will fall below”
– Frailness is a state of mind and you will fall below if that’s what you believe, but it’s still an illusion, just as the statement “I will rise above and take the throne” is also an illusion.

“Time will take our place. We return back to one”
– We are the crest of a wave in an ocean (Alan Watts says something along these lines). We are all one and it’s our conscious experience gives the illusion of being separate.

“Tired of feeling lost, tired of letting go
Tear the whole world down, tear the whole world down
– Tired of fighting our feelings / emotions instead of being with them wholly. Not tearing down the world literally, but tearing down the illusions we’ve create of it. To fight or resist what is, is failure and to say it’s a failure is also a failure, and so it goes… on and on, a “paradox”.

“Look for the light that leads me home”
– The light that leads is the present moment and you are already home.

You see that words don’t really do it. We use them to explain our perspective, but the recipient has their own perspective and even alignment of perspectives will differ. Everything we are conscious of are both true and false and different sides of the same thing. You may desire love, but you would never experience it without the hate and that needs to be appreciated; especially when you are actually experiencing the hate! ;) Instead of saying “I hate that I hate”, just “hate” so you can move onto love again. You can look at someone and think “what an asshole”, then look at that thought and think “I’m an asshole for thinking that”, then just laugh at the amusement of it all; keep in mind that the word “asshole” can be interchanged with any label you choose.

Even the most negative thing will have a positive in its wake.

Check out Black Sabbath’s, Killing yourself to live. It says pretty much the same thing from a different perspective.

– Geary LeBell

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Slow leak

Rollin’ down the highway
Tire’s been leaking air
stranded on the skyway
The last time I swear

Time to replace that tire
Worn out with no tread
Not knowing where to acquire
Continuous breakdowns instead

I’m not the only one
noticing north to south
scores under the gun
infected by word of mouth

Forever losing PSI
Nothing but a decoy
told ourselves a lie
Living lives that destroy

Where to go from here
Where’s the new rubber we need
What do we have to fear
How to plant the seed
we may bleed
away with greed
take the lead
do a deed

Tires still leak
after 1,000,000 miles
we’re all freaks
as he smiles.

– Geary LeBell

The Path

Walking a path through the wilderness.
Today I’ll stray from the path.
Venturing into the dense woods to my left.
Incredible ancient trees with the sounds of nature magically emerging from silence,
but the terrain is rough with poison ivy, wild animals and the risk of getting lost.
Sometimes descending the cliff to my right.
Awesome jagged rocks to climb with water below for a refreshing dip,
but the continuous physical exertion is tiring and the waves that slam the rocky shore can be hazardous.
Eternally visiting the woods and cliffs.
Experiences cannot be denied,
but always returning to the path, my center.

– Geary LeBell

The cost of learning a lesson

I initially seen a video on Facebook and now the story has popped up on main stream media. So I’m watching television at a friend’s house for a few minutes. There is some sort of entertainment weekly show on and they’re talking about those couple of guys who stage abductions and luring of children; I’m assuming with the parents consent, to teach them a lesson about the risks involved with those sort of people. I’m no psychologist, but what these guys are doing doesn’t sit quite right with me. No one should have to go through these experiences, staged or not, because make no mistake, when the played out scenario is going down, it is completely 100% real for the young person involved. During that small window when this controlled scenario is happening, it is completely real, and i feel, no different than if it was ACTUALLY happening to the person in that instant. Good for you guys, you scared that kid straight…. maybe, or maybe you’re causing unwarranted physiological stress to the young person? What are the long term affects? Consider this. Let’s say you get on a plane, it’s your first time flying and at around 28,000ft the flight crew decide to fake a catastrophic failure and simulate the plane going down. In that few minutes when the aircraft is falling from the sky and you’re rushing towards the ground to meet your maker, you make peace with whoever or whatever you believe in; maybe you freak out, break down or lose your mind. Then all of a sudden, the plane levels out and the pilot announces over the intercom that the aircraft is fine and that they just wanted you to experience the sensation; for whatever reason. The point is, how will you walk away from something like that. Some might blow it off and say “well played sir… very well played..”. Is it far-fetched to say that others would develop a fear of flying and never step foot on another vehicle that leaves the ground ever again? How about this scenario? These two guys impersonate cops, visit the child’s school and tell them that their parents have died in a horrific car crash and they are required to identify the bodies that are nearly burnt beyond recognition. That last one may be a little over the top.. maybe, but just want to illustrate that these staged, so-called teachings could be doing more harm than good. I don’t necessarily agree or disagree. I’m just sitting back watching these videos and thinking; hmm…. Interesting…. I hope that kid will be ok after an experience like that. The bad things that happen to victims are not their fault, why should they being subjected to this hell? I wonder if these guys will start performing staged rapes of woman who wear proactive clothing out to night clubs?; think about it. The reasons why the victim is subjected to a bad situation are irrelevant and the blame cannot be tossed carelessly in their direction; it’s the perpetrators that are at fault. Educating people about risks and safety is one thing, but this may be a little over the top. How will these “lessons” affect them socially? What will be going through their mind when they interact with people after that? Fear? Anxiety? Social Awkwardness? Reclusive? Confusion? Lack of self-confidence or trust in people? 

Can you relate to what I’m saying!?

Or maybe I’m over thinking it…

Rise of the temporary employee

I’ve been thinking about this problem for a while now and have decided to write it down and post it. Basically, it’s about people being taken advantage of at their own expense and what I feel could be a viable solution to the problem. The solution is in no way complete, but should give you a pretty good vision of what I’m talking about.

Temporary employees provided by employment agencies are getting the short stick when I comes to wage equality with their full-time counterparts at the organization they’re placed. These placement agencies retain 1/3 or more of the hourly wage paid to an employee. In short, their income is substantially reduced, making it difficult to make ends meet. I know this because I am in fact losing out on over $1000 a month to these guys. I equate employment agencies to a parasite, and the organization that uses their services, the host. Their business model is to make money off the employee’s back; reducing their standard of living and well-being in the process. It’s simply not right. This is not a hack directed toward the individuals that work at these organizations or those that require these services to fulfill their company’s needs. This is about a broken system in which the temporary employee is being taken advantage of; I know it, you know it and the temporary workers out there surely know it. Organizations and employees need to take more responsibly and control in this process, with minimal increase to investment, time and resources to hire and manage employees. To this end, I propose an online web-based solution that removes much of the administration associated with this industry and also simplifies the process of finding, retaining and communication with employees and over time, building intelligence into the company’s presence to greatly reduce the turnaround time getting employees placed by tracking past employee hires and performance. An online solution, that is developed properly and integrated with “real time” and/or “just in time” features can reduce or eliminate many of the expenses associated with brick and mortar agencies, while reducing the burden of managing it in-house; a happy medium if you will.

In a day an age where the lack of interacting with a “real person” is frowned upon, this is where it can be most beneficial to both parties involved as the administrative burden and cost of operations can be substantially reduced, putting money back in the temporary employees pocket. It’s good for the hiring company, it’s good for the employee, it’s good for the local economy. In essence, we are replacing the brick & motor and many of the people required to run these agencies with the interactive online solution.

I’ve have experienced the way these organizations operate, both personally and through family members and it’s basically a wash, rinse, repeat scenario. Much of what they do can be automated and taken online. From registration, documentation, training, and overall management of the resources (i.e. candidates).

Employers need to take more responsibility and show more support and compassion for the people they hire. Although it will not be as simple as making a call to your local employment agency, the process to find and place an employee in their organization can be greatly simplified, with the performance of the organizations account increasing dramatically with intended usage, as a pool of past employees becomes known and rated within the online solution with a myriad of metrics and transparent processes.

Furthermore, each employee is personally responsible for their performance within the system. Their interaction is required to remain in good standing within the site. Failure to do their part results in them fading into the background and not a burden to the organizations that are looking for serious candidates.

Site administrator(s) will personally provide oversight and guidance to each employee and employer account to ensure that all relevant and quality data is being provided so the employer can take full advantage of the simplified process of locating and engaging available candidates without hassle.

The online solution works similar to a typical employment agency where the temporary worker is an employee of the company that owns and operates the online solution and all the responsibility that come along with that, including but not limited to, Federal and provincial taxes, vacation pay, statutory holidays, pay, conflict resolution and a standardized policies and procedures.

There would be 3 modules in the site; Employer, Employee and Backend Administration

Below are brief features and examples of how users would interact with each module.


  • Employer sends out notification of a position requirement to select candidate(s), from a personalized list of candidates that have been previously qualified and are in good standing. The candidate is instantly notified via the app/website and by email or automated telephone message, to which they can instantly respond.
  • Employer fires employee and logs details into the system which automatically flags the account for the site administrator to review. A process would exist for the employee account to be added to the employers blocked list so the employee no longer appears in any search or lists. There would also be a section where an employer could review previously blocked candidates and re-enable them if required.
  • An employer who is impressed with an employee, can give the employee a “thumbs up”, which partly contributes to the employees overall rating.
  • A storm hits and employer needs to notify all current employees to not come into work today. They simply view the active employee list under job requirement project they created and send a bulk message containing the message, which is sent to the employee’s email, app/web and telephone.
  • When a requirement arises, the employer creates the work project, then selects candidates from their “favorites” or “searches” for those to be added to the contact list. The system then notifies each candidate on the list one by one, sequentially, in order of priority. If a candidate fails to respond within a certain period of time, the app/website notification disappears (or become invalid) and moves onto the next candidate. This continues until all the required positions are filled.
  • When creating a work project, the employer selects the requirements option, which was created earlier in the “Requirements Module” (e.g. Warehouse Requirements or Office Administrator Requirements), which would contain various qualifiers an employee needs to start work there (e.g. WHMIS, Safety shoes, Hard Hat, Safety Vest, MS Office, etc…). The requirements are crosschecked with available candidates and the ones that don’t meet the requirements are filtered out.


  • Each candidate has a rating which can go up or down depending on their performance with employers and within the site.
  • Each employee as a base pay for the job they’re performing, but can also receive bonuses if they maintain certain rating levels.
  • Each employee starts at a rating of 5 (range is from 0 to 10) and is entitled to a 5% bonus at 6.5, 10% at 8 and 15% at 9.5. For example, if a user was being paid $14 per hour, the would receive $.70, $1.40, or $2.10 per hour in bonuses respectively.
  • Ratings can be increased by employer feedback (thumbs up), quick responses, regular check ins, complete profiles, etc…
  • Candidate receives a notification on their mobile device of an employer’s requirement to fill a position. After viewing the details of the requirement, which includes, start date; hourly wage (modified less agency percentage); prerequisites; and other relevant details, the user accepts or denies the request. Accepting the request can be performed by clicking an accept position button, or clicking the immediate call back number option which is all configured by the employer.
  • Employee also has a comments section for each employer they’ve worked at. Used to identify concerns with employers and/or the employee. Employer does not see this.
  • Employee can be notified via telephone, email, or app/web
  • Employee can mark their account “unavailable” to either remove themselves from searches or let previous employers who have added them to a list that they are unavailable for employment.

Site Administrators

  • Initial setup of both employer and employee accounts.
  • Provides online guidance and support
  • Conflict resolution

Automated Features

  • All required Federal and Provincial deductions would operate on the premise of “set it and forget it”, being that after the initial employee account setup by the site administrator, no other interaction should be required; even the yearly T4 should be automatically generated and available via the employees user account.
  • Short, clear and concise training / demonstration videos would be strategically placed throughout the site so when a user encounters difficulties there is immediate access to material to assist.
  • Live support provided by the site administrator(s) would be available during regular working hours.

General Features

  • IOS / Android app for real-time / just-in-time interaction with employer / employee.

Ok… I’m going to stop typing now…

Music to my ears

When you talk about music with another person, there always seems to be a genre they despise; whether it be rap, disco, country, heavy metal or whatever. Their stance is strong and you cannot persuade them otherwise. They feel that the days of quality music and artists has disappeared with no hope of regaining the quality that has been lost. I’ve never understood this rigid mindset, but have occasionally had those thoughts myself with certain types of music. You know that feeling, a gut wrenching negativity as each second of the song ticks by and feels like an eternal hell you can’t escape from, but your friend likes it… so you sit quietly, resisting the urge to grab the nearest blunt object to make quick work of the audio device that’s polluting the airwaves with those foul vibrations. For me, most of those feelings come from new country; no sir… I don’t like it…much. There are are few new country songs that I enjoy, but it’s the one genre where I just don’t connect with the majority of music produced. Speaking of “connecting”, there isn’t one genre that I fully connect with anyway and I find the labeling of music, just like everything else in life over-rated. I know if a song resonates with me the first time I hear it and it’s classification, artist, technology used to produce it don’t factor in to my decision making process; it either strikes a chord with me or it doesn’t. Sometimes, if they radio play the crap out of it, I’ll be brainwashed into liking it…

One question that has popped up throughout the years is “What’s your favorite song”. Depending on when you ask me the answer is different. My 20s, 30s, 40s; it’s different and always changing. Songs of the moment if you will. When I first hear a song, the intensity in which I “like” it increases sharply within a short time, then plateaus, and finally the frequency it’s played somewhat decreases over the months and years, but the connection to it always remains.

Many songs take me back to memories of my life when I first heard it. For example, Blue Oyster Cult – Don’t Fear the Reaper was introduced to me in my early teens by my Uncle John who passed away many years ago; it’s one of my favorite songs and he was the best Uncle one could have; Dio – Last in Line reminds me of riding dirt bikes and smoking hash in the tree-house with my best friend back in the day; Duran Duran – Hungry like the Wolf reminds me of a new stereo in my bedroom that my Dad bought and waking up one morning just as that song started playing; Rush – What you’re doing reminds me of leaving the LP on a cast iron radiator which warped it into an unplayable mess; The Head Pins – Turn it Loud and the days chillin’ in the school parking lot in my buddy’s Camaro with the torch and knives a blazin’; Richard Marx – Endless summer nights and partying in the basement for the first wonderful year with Irene; now my wife of almost 30 years; Hank Williams – Hey Good Lookin’ and living in a rooming house with my father when I was only 6 or 7 and him being thrown down a flight of stairs by a large native Indian; Skrillix – Bangerang and partying with my son Stephen, Eggs and Kyle in the basement, most excellent times; Edie Brickell & New Bohemians – What I am and listening to my friend David playing his genius on the guitar, a friend who I initially knew at a very young age then didn’t’ see for years only be reunited through another mutual friend years later; No Doubt – Just a Girl while during my time as driver that transported CN Rail employees from their locomotives to nearby hotel or dead-headed home everywhere in southern Ontario;

The point is this. There is no good or bad music; it’s music you connect with or don’t. An opinion about a certain genre or song is just that, an opinion, its subjective and not written in stone for anyone outside yourself. I enjoy a little classical, country, rock, soft rock, hard rock, alternative, heavy metal, rap, reggae, dubstep, trance, rock ‘n’ roll, blues, swing, easy listening, etc… Ultimately it’s about the connection with the music, and our opinions are of no consequence.

P.S. I love the song “What does the fox say” ;)